Society's View of Pride

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As American citizens the entire population has been taught to dream big, set goals, and to then chase after their goals, but after each goal has been attained and brought to fruition what do we do next? In most instances, when individuals reach a pivotal achievement in his or her life he or she is then encountered by a characteristic trait that is believed to be helpful or hurtful and this character trait is pride. Society has portrayed the trait pride to be an evil trait that hinders an individual from performing a task, getting through to people, or making a change. Most individuals gain a sense of pride after they obtain their ideal desire and they begin to believe that they obtained it without the help and support of others. However, in Chinua Achebe’s short story, “Dead Men’s Path,” the protagonist in the story, Michael Obi, sets a goal of becoming the principal of the Ndume Central School to make changes within the community and around the school, but the method that he uses is pride. The school and community officials fail to realize that Michael Obi’s use of pride not only makes their community better, but it gets the task completed.

The author, Chinua Acehebe, received his inspiration to write his three profound novels because of past experiences that occurred in his hometown, Nigeria. Throughout his village they encountered numerous civil wars that only brought out turmoil amongst the government, the citizens, and their community. More so, the civil war that began within their country only inspired individuals such as writers, politicians, and educators. In Chinua Achebe’s biography entitled, “Chinua Achebe,” the author addresses why Chinua Achebe transforms into the author that he is today and how he writes to reveal ...

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...nd community leader, things may not go as planned. Michael Obi encounters a plethora of situations, but he later learns the significance of each event such as how the community plays an important role to the school. The goals that Michael set are obtainable due to his progression, education, and desire to better his society. Michael Obi is a positive community leader and headmaster and he shows it through his concerns and goals to better the society that surround him, which leads.

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