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Bilanova, Kristina
Sport in Society
Society's characteristics are often reflected through sports. This also serves as a method to create attitudes and behaviors. In America, sports are extremely significant for a few reasons. One being that the public is subject to have ethics, morals, and values be redefined and impacted drastically by sports. Some might even argue that sports define lives. The society has established principals, which are sometimes reinforced by sports. For instance, the concept of winning is often times instilled by the elite. However, this issue touches upon classism, racism, and sexism. In many cases the athlete serves as a symbol. He or she holds a value that defines the athlete and the sport, which is what ultimately distinguished one sport from another, and determine which of the sports is preferred. Each competitor is labeled with certain values, which in term, are a reflection of the fans. These spectators often express personal principles by holding standards, expectations, and norms to the athletes. Which ultimately empowers American sports. It is evident that throughout history, economic and social values constructed the athletes, which collectively determined the characteristics, ideals, etc., of the team, leading to also be a reflection of society today. Thus, it is fair to say that sports have an extremely significant influence. In current day, as mentioned prior, we are highly competitive by nature. It is something that has grown on us over time. Humanity is generally obsessed with winning and competing. But it is much more than just about promoting physical activity and achieving personal physical goals; it is also about watching someone else's efforts fall short.
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...vital to include more information on the significant influence sports had on shaping society's character, morals, values, etc. This should be included in one unit and have perhaps an article on the progression of sports regarding society over history. There should also be a discussion/forum relevant posted immediately after in which the students will have an opportunity to respond. The prompt can touch upon numerous different concepts since the topic is extremely broad. These include, but are not limited to, why spectators are so obligated to attend games even though they have no direct contact with the players and hold little influence on the outcome individually, why fans are inclined to pick one team and swear by it, the development of different personal interests, what meaning people derive from sports, and why people look for a sense of belonging within sports.
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