Society's Negative Portrayal Of Her Mother

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Tan’s essay focuses on society's negative portrayal of her mother due to the limitations of her English. Tan chose a narrative essay to tell the story of her mother, a Chinese immigrant, who doesn’t speak perfect English. Her mother being a Chinese immigrant faced discrimination and wasn’t taken seriously. Not only did Tan know the limitations of her mother's English, her mother knew them as well. Tan's mother was not given good service on top of many other things due to her “broken” English. The hardships Tan addresses that her mother goes through present that in order to receive respect by society proper English has to be spoken. To accomplish the conclusion of the narrative essay, Chinese Americans are expected to do better in math, to the…show more content…
“...the hospital did not apologize when they said they had lost the CAT scan….”, this is one of the many discrimination experiences Mrs.Tan went through for not speaking very good English. Instead of the hospital seeing her as any other person, she was seen as a nobody because of her “broken” and “fractured” English. The metaphor of Mrs.Tan’s English is used to reinforce the way society sees her. Tan’s mother knew the limitation of her English, making Tan pretend it was her when talking on the phone with her stockbroker. The passage goes back to the point that people wouldn’t take her serious so she was forced to have Tan make calls with that importance. All of the above is addressed through many stylistic devices. Tan has accepted her mother's English and has become attached to it over the years. The mother tongue to her symbolizes as home because it’s what she grew up hearing. Tan refers to her mother’s English as “impeccable” because of the strong attachment she has grown to it. “Some say they don’t understand none of it….But to me,my mother’s English is perfectly clear…”. Although, Tan also thinks her mother’s English somehow limited her possibilities in life, the thought of referring to her mother's English as “broken” or “fractured” bothers
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