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Since the beginning of time, humans have always been part of different types of societies. A society can be defined as a collection of individuals that share geographical territory, culture, and beliefs. As a individual, each person forms part of a society from the moment that he or she is born. However, the definition and role of a society has been altered during the last decades. Instead of being just a group were someone belongs, it has become more of a standardized lifestyle. How to dress, what to like, and even how to act are imposed by what society believes is acceptable. For this reason, many people believe that the traits that make them different from others need to be covered in order to be part of a society. The identity or distinct personality of an individual has lost value because it needs to fit a certain mold in order to be accepted. For instance, Kenji Yoshino in his essay “The New Civil Rights” discusses how covering offers a unique perspective on assimilation. The term covering, as he uses it, means “to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream” (552). The authentic identity of an individual can suffer changes throughout his or her life in response to the environment and to the impact of life experiences. He or she might feel obligated to cover certain traits of his or her personality to fit into society's standards by conscious choices but in response to the environment's demands.
Covering is a way of assimilation, which is the idea of integrating into a broader group. Additionally, trying to “fit in” requires a certain balance within a person's self. For instance, the object-relations theorist, D.W. Winnicott makes a distinction between a True Self and a False Self that most people have. The Tr...

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... why some people covered certain unacceptable traits of their personality. Similarly, social media gives certain pressure on how individuals should be by idealizing the stereotypes of perfection in a society. Women should be caring mothers and handle the stuff related with home, men should be responsible of the important roles in the society. Directly or indirectly the three of them influence the beliefs that compose the standards that a society creates. As any human being, anyone who feels outcast has to adapt himself or herself to prevail in the society. Covering one's traits to be accepted is a conscious choice, but is influenced by the pressure that society has over the personal identity of an individual. It seems that in order to be accepted as a member of a society, one needs to fit the mold of the social identity without it the society's membership is denied.
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