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According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), the percent of adults that are considered regular drinkers are 51.3%. Over half of Americans consume alcohol on a regular basis. Even if we don’t add the 12.9% of adults that are considered infrequent drinkers, over half of the country is participating in an activity that is so dangerous it was banned for a period of time. The number of people that died in 2010 from alcohol, not including homicide or accidents, was 25,692; 15,990 of which came from liver disease. Intense campaigns against drunk driving have dropped the deaths from drunk driving to 10,228 in 2010, which accounts for 31% of all the traffic deaths in that year. When all of the deaths attributed to excessive alcohol use are combined we get approximately 88,000 lives cut short a year. On average, each life is cut short by 30 years. Deaths are sad, but alcohol also affects those consumers that are still living both short-term and long-term.
Some of the immediate risks you get from drinking alcohol listed by the CDC are: unintended injuries, violence, risky sexual behavior, and alcohol poisoning. In cases of violence victims report 35% of the time that the aggressor was under the influence of alcohol. In cases where it is violence against a partner alcohol is involved around 67% of the time. As for the risky sexual behavior, it can lead to unintended pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease, or sexual assault charges. A serious health concern that comes from drinking felt immediately is alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning occurs when someone drinks too much and their blood alcohol level rises to the point of low blood pressure/body temperature, loss of consciousness, depression, coma, or even death. In England between 2...

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... showing in their commercials what actually happens when you drink Of course that’s because a video of someone puking into a toilet won’t make people by a company’s product.

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