Societal Predictions In Aldous Huxley's Unrave New World

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Drew Smuts
English 12: Period 5
13 May 2014
Societal Predictions
For many years numerous people have attempted to predict what our world will be like in future years.These predictions range from legitimate novels written by philosophers to hollywood cinema interpretationsinterprations. Whether or not you agree with these predictions is up to the consent of each and every person. In his book ¨Brave New World¨ Aldous Huxley depicts a futuristic utopian society knows as the World State where technology consumes our everyday life and deprives us from the truth about our society.In reality our modern world technological advances have made life simpler for us while also maintaining our knowledge and awareness of the truth around us.
In todays world each person still reserves the right of free will and personal consent, in Huxley's World State an oligarchy known as the world controllers decides what the general population will be allowed to see,feel, and know. This utopian society leaves each persons life not in their own hands but in the hands of those who have been predestined to be superior. Ones willpowerwill power and determination decides the successes and failures of their life in our society today, the World State sends each unborn child through conditioning which will determine their intellectual ability as well as their social caste. The question still remains, is our world today leading us toward an unhealthy society similar to the infamous World State or are we taking the appropriate steps to grow as a society without hurting our knowledge of the truth?
In the U.S. constitution the right of free will is not only given to each and every person it is a mandatory law. In his book Brave New World Huxley writes ¨ One b...

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...also provides strict social castes, castes in which a person has no opportunity to gain or lose self worth. This government restriction indirectly inhibits the right of free will causing a major difference between the two societies being compared.
The argument between people who feel that our society is becoming like that of the World State and those who feel that it is not will continue to grow. Although our worlds may have some loosely related similarities there are many more definite differences that set the societies apart. Regardless of how today’s technological advances affect the simplicity of living the human race will remain awareness and knowledge of the truth that surrounds us. When comparing the World State to what is happening now it would be incredibly hard to make a confident case as to how we are on the track to becoming our very own “World State”.
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