Socialization of Handicapped Children

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The field of work for the handicapped child is one of exceptional, perhaps even unique, rapidity of change and development. Widening of outlook and better understanding are leading to new tactics and new techniques in approach to identifying the handicapped, in defining their disabilities and in providing better treatment, education, and general care. In this paper I will demonstrate how the handicapped child becomes socialized, has social control and how family, education and the community plays an important role in the development of the social self. Play serves an important role in the all-round development of the child. It is their method of growing in those areas in which they are ready to develop. Play promotes the physical,social,mental,and emotional growth of the child. It is obviously impossible for the physically handicapped boy or girl to compete in the more strenuous physical activities and, therefore, two things must be done. There must first be an attempt to alter their own scales of values, so that he/she sees their own lack of competence in this field of play. They must be encouraged and helped to reach competence in some socially acceptable recreation. The range of physical recreations is such that quite a large proportion of handicapped children can find one that suits them if the effort is made to give them opportunities and training. The handicapped child who can never hope to play well, or even to play at all, can still get a good deal of happiness from learning the finer points of a sport and watching experts in action and there is much to be said for encouraging them to do so. It is not possible to live in any society, even the most primitive, without some general education. The mentally handicapped child is unable to obtain such a full education and is faced with an inevitable social handicap. The best that can be done for them is to minimize their difficulties by giving them as much general education as they are able to receive and use. Physical handicap, however, need not be essentially disastrous in the same way. It may affect education by closing one of the sensory gateways by which education enters the mind via sight or hearing. In this case, fuller use must be made of the other gateways. The blind or deaf child can receive as

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