Socialization Reflection

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In regards to socialization, I think my biology has effected my looking-glass self. Most of my life, especially in school, I was bullied for being of Mexican decent even though I was in no way Hispanic, Latina, or Spanish. I was also made fun of for being overweight. These incidents of bullying, and though I did not realize it then my first exposures to racial socialization, effected my view of future opportunities because they made me feel incapable of achieving anything. I thought my perceived ethnicity would stop me from being in a position of power due to the racism seen against Mexican-Americans, and therefore result in me not having life chances made available to evade poverty. Currently, I do not see my biology as a hinder in either the realm of careers or available life opportunities…show more content…
It was anticipatory socialization. George Herbert Mead 's concept of the generalized other is very applicable to my life because it caused me to realize I needed to grow up at a quicker pace than my peer group. In regards to my attitude, despite what might be expected, I think my background has made me forgiving, understanding and almost peaceful. I realize that I am my own person and in turn so is everyone else, the actions of my parents (and everyone else in the world) are not related to me- they are people trying to figure out their lives the same way I am. My values from my sociological background are those mentioned above, and also from being an American I think I have a natural emphasis on material possessions. Although I do not feel that in the out-right sense, especially at this point in my life course, it is still likely the case because of the culture I grew up in- a place where you still celebrate Christmas even if you don 't believe in

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