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First report Nowadays the environment is a serious problem throughout the world. Everyone should pay more attention to figure out how to preserve or minimize the destruction of the environment. Therefore, we decided to choose a club that is related to the environment, called Students for Environmental and Economic Justice. The club sometimes has activities that are related to the environment and the economy. For instance, they made and wear second-hand T-shirts with a logo to fight against the behaviors that are destroying the environment on campus. This club was the only environmental group at Columbia when it established, but later it became stronger and took on broader campaigns, as well as starting making the strategies to sustain the ecosystem. We found some articles that are discussing how to create balance between the environment and economy or how the environment and economy work together. Laura Peterson, a writer in “The New York Times”, states that a healthy ecosystem can improve the value of the global economy. She also gives an example such as bees or insects jumping from flower to flower is a kind of essential work, however, it can be valued at massive economy. According to the article, Peterson also says that environmental protection can save money as well. An example he gives is that New York saved more than 6 million dollars by paying farmers money to change management of wasting water to ease water pollution, rather than build a system which will cost lots of money to operate every year. In these cases, we can realize that maintaining a good environment is an integral part of the economy. If we demolish the natural environment continually, the global economy will slump in the future. Therefore, participa... ... middle of paper ... ...roup might be more effective in the future if they hire more people to work with them specially professionals. We hope to see organizations like this in our countries because they are useful for the environment and for the citizens. Now both of us are excited to start this project in our home countries. We will try to create a You Tube channel to educate people about the environment that they live in we will try to teach them how the environment is important for every creature in this planet. We expected that new yorkers are not very friendly, but we were wrong, they we were exactly the opposite. They welcomed every foreigner who joined their group. Because they were so friendly we felt free to talk with them, and to share our knowledge too. As a result, we gained two main benefits which are speaking fluently and confident to talk with native speakers.
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