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Social media The term “social media” means internet based form of communication which allow people to participate online and to have conversations. Do you know that Nine in ten (93%) Teens have a computer or have access to one at home and 78% of teens now have a cell phone? (Madden , 2013). In the last 20 years the computers started to spread then the Internet propagated rapidly. Now days, People are using social websites addictively as it make them closer to their friends, family and allow them to know new people. They do not realize that social websites are double-edged weapon which could affect them negatively. This topic is controversial as it has raised many opinions. The main concern is whether social media has a negative or positive effect on our life. Social media affect our life negatively on account of its negative effect on health, on social life and individuals and on education. In the first place, social media affect the health negatively specially preteens and teenagers. Firstly, social media has a negative affect on people’s mental health. As being isolated from People and spending less time outdoor with other people can cause depression. Most of people not only use the social websites but they also addicted to it as they are using internet too much . This will clearly causes a lot of problems such as obesity, neck and head pain and poor sleep habits. Obesity is a serious problem related to the over using of social websites as the more time they spend chatting and watching videos the less time they are active or moving which lead to obesity which in turn will cause other diseases. Also social media can cause disorders such as brain disorders and behavior disorders. Behavior disorders, as an in... ... middle of paper ... chatting with my friends and less time is spent in educating. So that was very obvious that the negative effects of social media on education are more than the positive effects. Finally, by all means people should avoid these negative effects which will threaten their future, and they should use social websites normally without being addicted to it. Social media should not affect our social life with other people which in turn will lead to a lot of problems in the future, It should not also affect our personal life and its privacy. For the education, there will be a great effort need to be done to get rid of the negative effect of social media on education. The government should do awareness campaign to aware the people from the negative effects of social media to avoid it. So would the people pay attention to the dark side instead of the light side ?

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