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7) Healthcare Industry in Hong Kong

Aforesaid that, above personal is assumed for job seeking in healthcare industry in Hong Kong. Therefor following is the details about these industry and employer.

In Hong Kong, healthcare industry is keeping growth in last decade; it has 7% growth in 2012. (Euromonitor, 2013) Healthcare Industry is one of six new industries are rapidly growth, distinct advantages and secure continued prosperity in Hong Kong. (HKAS, 2013)

Furthermore, Hong Kong has establishing as a world-class center for healthcare and leader in many branches of high-end medical research. As well as Chinese medicine is being promoted to exploring integrated Chinese medicine and Western medicine model to enhance healthcare system. (HKAS, 2013) Its worth to noting that, ageing population is rapidly increasing, as well as the people in Hong Kong is generally increase awareness of health prevention and health screening. In light of those factors also drives the growth of healthcare industry in the future. This phenomena also meaning healthcare have a demand to have healthcare marketer working in industry.

Employer Strengths and Weakness

The strength of Raffles Medical (Raffles, 2014) is a leading medical group and one of largest private medical group in South East Asia. In Hong Kong, Raffles Medical operates three medical centers, provide general and specialist practice in western and Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, health screening as well as corporate medical scheme program.

Raffles medical centers is locating in heart of business district and Hong Kong International airport, where is convenience to target group as working class and corporate clients. Whereas, medical center located in airport is an only authorized med...

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9) Gantt Chart

10) Consulsion

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