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“Are you accustomed to receiving your news in 140 characters? Watching videos in under 10 minutes? If so, you may be changing the way your brain works. Studies show that social media has a profound effect on the human mind, something we should all be aware of.” It’s surprising how many areas of our life are affected by social media. As social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter further incorporate themselves into our everyday lives, it’s predictable that the way we use these tools will have some effect on the way that our brains function. There’s no doubt that one of the greatest innovations of the past decade has been the introduction of social networking, but social media is slowly ruining our minds. The fact that we don’t notice how dependent we actually are, that we no longer live in the moment, and that we’re so into this cyber world that we forget it isn’t reality, proves why social media participation is drastically affecting our minds.
As of October 3, 2013, there are over 500 million people worldwide who use Facebook and Twitter, and more than 250 million people who log in daily. Although your immediate intention might be to “tweet” real quick, or post a new status about your latest life epiphany, Americans don’t realize how addictive and a major time consumer social media is. “A new survey from consumer and business credit reporting company Experian, found Americans spend an average 16 minutes of every hour spent online on social networking sites.” These numbers aren’t shocking due to the fact of how easy it is to access your account nowadays. From the age of smart phones, mobile usage takes social media addiction to the next level, and since we don’t go anywhere without our phones, we are always connected to t...

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...lming and taking pictures. It’s sad to say that these things occur often, and it’s ridiculous how us as a society no longer have a problem with it happening. Sure it’s okay to snap a few photos during a fun night out, you didn’t get all dolled up for nothing, right? But there’s a thin line between no longer living in the moment and wanting to capture a few photos to save as memories.
According to, in the United State alone approximately 56% of adults own a smartphone device. With that being said, it just makes the “live in the moment” form of expression that much harder. What happened to going out without any mobile device distractions with the people you love? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the night, rather than document it all? Life should be about seizing the moment, appreciating the fun times while it lasts, not posting every bit that occurs while so.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that social media has a profound effect on the human mind, something we should all be aware of.
  • Explains that americans don't realize how addictive and a major time consumer social media is. according to experian, americans spend an average 16 minutes of every hour online on social networking sites.
  • Explains that social media has a substantial role in society, and today it has the power to influence the thoughts of people.
  • Explains that social media can add stress to a person's life and affect their health.
  • Analyzes the negative health issues that social media brings upon an individual, and the reasons why people become addicted to it.
  • Opines that our generation is becoming too dependent on scrolling through their social media feed to acquire important news and information.
  • Opines that modern society is relying too heavily on the online networking world to gain full knowledge of critical information.
  • Opines that social media participation is affecting our minds because we no longer live in the moment.
  • Argues that 56% of americans own a smartphone device, which makes the "live in the moment" form of expression harder.
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