Social marketing reflects corporate social responsibility


This assignment will initially describe social marketing and then indicate how corporations affect stakeholders through companies’ social marketing and responsibility. Following that, the importance and functions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social marketing will be demonstrated. Finally, it will explain how organizations reflect CSR and make a short conclusion to indicate the relationship between social marketing and CSR.

Social Marketing

In the past decades, the marketing environment has been changed radically. The approaches and philosophies of marketing have undergone a gigantic impact from the new social channels. Social marketing has emerged as required in the context. Kotler,P. and Zaltman,G (1971) firstly defined social marketing as “the design, implementation, and control of programs calculated to the influence the acceptability of social ideas and involving considerations of product planning, pricing, communications, distribution and marketing research”. Furthermore, that social marketing is different from traditional business marketing, which not only focuses on the market’s core values but also on more meaningful points for achieving the adoption of products by a balance between social short-term and long-term benefit, was a conclusion in their work. On the whole, social marketing considers more social values in the marketing process and reflects corporate social responsibility to some extent. The reason why social marketing is spread among enterprises is because social marketing can directly influence the stakeholders through reflecting CSR.

Corporates influence stakeholders

Stakeholders increasingly pay attention to CSR. Strong social responsibility and favorable corporate imag...

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