Social and Cultural Issues Facing Contemporary Society

Social scientists and organizational psychologist have given additional acknowledgment to the influence of social and cultural issues in organizational system (Carter, 2000). This clearly indicates that how these issues affect many fields of society and how important is their resolution. Many key global events of the last decade have captured issues of nationalism and cultural diversities. As Hallinan and Jackson says, “Within the context of the post 9/11 era a complex and arguably contradictory and paradoxical set of conditions, practices and policies have emerged in relation to how we see, represent, understand and acknowledge the diversity of ‘Others’” (2008). In this paper, I have discussed some social and cultural issues which our contemporary society is facing.

Globalization has made world a small place and many developed nations have seen great immigration waves in recent decades. This has led to many ethnicity and race related problems. Basic human mentality is to stereotype based on personal persuasions and beliefs. This has connection with the power to control environment. The belief that simply based on the race, a person’s abilities can be imputed and some groups can be considered superior to others in racism. Often, minority communities and immigrants are ill-treated in developing countries, where immigration rates are high. Racism is a major problem for many countries and they are fighting hard to control it. However, it is misused as a powerful political arm for boosting detestation of others during war and conflict.

Another major problem faced is the health issues around the world. There have been implausible advances in health in last few decades; however, there are several challenges, which shall have been ...

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...s our social responsibility. Each species have an important role to play in sustaining the world environment but human attempts for industrial growth have lead to loss of many species. Nuclear weapons possess great threat over the existence of the world. Each country has a power to nuclear progress for peaceful intents (for example, production of nuclear energy) under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). But there is risk of nuclear weapons development using treaty as pretence. After the 9/11 terrorist attack on the US, terrorism issue has also gained wide attentions. Terrorism is no doubt a big threat to developed nations’ security.

The governments of each nation shall put their best efforts in finding the solutions and implementing them to cop with these social and cultural issues. This will decide the future of human kind and the whole planet as well.

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