Social Worlds in Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell

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Social Worlds in Blood Brothers Explore how the theme of different social worlds is presented in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. What comments might Russell be making about his twins You should write about · Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons · Edward and Mickey · The Policeman · The Narrator This essay is about the play Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. I will be discussing the two main female characters in the play, Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons and how they take part in the important events of the play. I am also going to look at other aspects, like their social statuses and how each receive different treatment altogether from others surrounding them. This will help me evaluate how Willy Russell has presented different social worlds to the audience, and how they are seen. Also I am going to be seeing how Willy Russell’s background could possibly affect his views. Blood Brothers is the tale of two twin brothers who are secretly separated at birth and are forced to live very different lives apart from each other. Upon growing up these two brothers, upon chance, meet each other and strike up a friendship together, while all along being totally ignorant to their fraternity. This can only end in tragedy, as this terrible secret being kept from them cannot stay hidden for ever, so in the end both brothers end up dying together in an inevitable blood bath, upon finding out about the hidden secret. Because the play appears to have been set in the 1970’s/ 1980’s, around Liverpool, there is a lot about striking and major redundancies in it. Also, about people moving out of the city to the country (i.e. Skelmersdale), for a better life and good job prospects. This kind of situation seems to emulate what happened to the director Willy Russell during his childhood, as he too moved from the very much industrialised area around Liverpool. Upon moving out into the country he says that “compared to Huyton it was paradise” which seems to show his dislike of industrial areas such as Huyton. At the beginning of the play there is a prologue which is designed to show how fate is meant to play an important role ion the play. The prologue is the ending of the play read out at the beginning. So, in giving the audience the ending at the beginning they begin to feel the story’s elements locking together as the play wears on. This makes for the audience in having a terrible awareness of what is to happen, so tragically, to the brothers and also gives a very strong sense of fate’s hand in the disaster, which reinforces the importance of

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