Social Worker

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A social worker is one of many helpful fields in our society. They help people and families deal with everyday life issues that plague most minorities. They help individuals of all race and gender to accomplish personal as well as broad goals in life and teach them how to maintain stability. Becoming a social worker I feel will be an exciting and challenging career. Being a social worker entitles being able to identify those who are in need and helping them to respond to particular crisis such as abuse of a child and or spouse and helping the clients to get use to certain changes in their lives. For example, social workers promote change, problem solving in human relationships and they also enhance the well-being of individuals. To become a great social worker one must first have a heart. A social worker should care about an individual’s well-being and have problem solving skills to be able to help or guide an individual to get help with the everyday stresses of being in bad situations financially as well as mentally and psychologically. Being that social workers deal with individuals that do not necessarily have it easy in life, an individual should come into their life with open arms, ready to accept all the flaws and baggage this individual may have. Life is not easy for anyone, but we all have to remember an individual somewhere has it worse than most. The job of a social worker entitles being able to evaluate a client for different issues to see where they stand mentally, being able to analyze and notice behavioral issues and emotional distress. Not really diagnosing but being able to suggest help to people when it may be needed. A social worker also must have the ability to socialize and help their client to carry out ... ... middle of paper ... ...ial workers pay is not that much for all the work they are assigned to complete. Works Cited • Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Social Workers • Employment and Training Administation, U.S department of Labor, 2011-2012 edition, Child, Family , and School Social Workers. • Social Work Profession, U.S department of Labbor, 9th edition Nasw Policy Statements, 2012-2014 • Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Fifteenth Edition, New York: Fergusons, 2011. Print • Social work Guidance, U.S Deparment of Labor, 2014-2015, social work career.
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