Social Work Vision Statement

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Introduction A goal without a plan is a wish. In this assignment, I will present a visual statement that will comprehensively guide my steps in making my short and long-term goals my reality. My plan as a social worker will utilize leadership assessments to develop areas to strengthen my self-efficacy. According to the National Association of Social Workers, social justice and competency are significant standards to uphold as a social work (Stoeffler,2015). I will identify resources and circles of support that will keep me on the right path as a social worker. Lastly, I will target any challenges that may create barriers to my plan and create steps to increase my resiliency. Personal Vision Statement Seeking the field of social worker transpired from my personal experiences with a variety of change agents who have positively impacted my life. I see my future as a social worker as stepping stones for me giving back to a community that once supported me. Social work is in the business of helping others with the intentions of improving their well-being. My vision for my profession in social work will embody my core values. With the help of a self-guided assessment, my core values are integrated into justice, family and influencing common good in society (Center for…show more content…
I envision a girl in the community of South Los Angeles with more access to quality education. Secondly, I want to see Black men and boys not engulfed with sweat when interacting with police, and not seeing communities depriving individuals of their basic needs. My vision for my future is aligned with being part of the solutions and not the problem. A wish to see a world where there are equity and quality engagement with people of color in all ecosystems. As a social worker I plan to use my access to resources and in efforts to ignite a cycle of global
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