Social Work Theory

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I think we need to start with discussing what social work is and where it started. Social work, social problems, and the organizations that were developed is an attempt to cope with problems have had almost a parallel history. There are many people who have helped develop more progressive attitudes and programs toward the poor, the mentally ill, the unemployed, and children at risk. Many of the social welfare policies and programs we take for granted occurred quite recently in our history. Social work is an exciting career area that is highly related to psychology. Many individuals earn an undergraduate degree in social work and then go on to their masters. You can do so much with a social work degree. Social worker has a broad range…show more content…
There were groups that began in the 1950’s. Catherine’s earlies experiences were working and directing settlement houses during shortly after World War II, Dr. Papell became a skilled practitioner and strong advocate for social group work and took place in the social work profession. In 1966, in collaboration with her colleague, Beulah Rothman, Papell wrote an influential paper which was called “Social Group Work Models: Possession and Heritage.” This paper was an effort to integrate the several emerging individual psychologies being recognized by group work theorists and group work’s deep commitment to social reform, as well as the increasing knowledge of how groups grow and function as their members seek to bring them into existence — group process as a very human process. In 1978, also with Rothman, Papell launched and co-edited the journal Social Work with Groups: A Journal of Clinical and Community Practice published by Haworth Press. Papell and Rothman continued as co-editors until 1991when Beulah Rothman died. Papell’s had many accomplishment but one of the greatest ones that she had in her career was her efforts to restore social group work’s identity. In 1979, Catherine Papell and other group work educators recognized that Social Group Work was becoming invisible in the professional social work curriculum. At the CSWE Annual Meeting in Boston, three group workers, Papell, Rothman and Ruth Middleman put up a sign inviting attendees interested in social group work to attend a small meeting. There we many educators that responded. After the meeting in October 1979 the first annual Group Work Symposium was held at Case Western Reserve University where Grace Coyle had first taught Group Work as a part of the MSW curriculum. This helped in the rise to the creation of the Association for the Advancement

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