Social Work: The History Of The Social Child Welfare Center

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What is it so special about being a social work that specializes in child welfare? The reason that it is special is that the social worker specializes in child welfare help solve family issues or prevent issues from becoming worse. Becoming worse, not having money for medical bill and not have enough money to buy enough food for the entire family. This is the reasons that the community needs social work to help people with family affairs. Social workers that specialize in child welfare have an area of social work practice, organization, a role, primary population, key informant, and employment opportunities. The area of social work practice is child welfare that involve of social worker trying to help children that need to have everything that…show more content…
David, personal communication, February 15, 2016) This interview made me realize that being a child welfare social worker is not just helping children and family, but also to communicate with the people to better understand their situation in order to find a solution to solve the problem or prevent the issues from becoming worse. The organization that created the Social Child Welfare Center as a community center for social worker had been specialized in taking care of children and family that had been involved for about twenty-one years. The article called ‘The History of the Social Child Welfare Center’ by author named Dean Matt introduces, “a fact about starting with creating a community center in October 21, 1995 for social worker to have a place to work…show more content…
The family affair is the main clients that Social Worker, Child Welfare center is focusing on the primary population instead of focusing on people that are single and couple with no children, but the Social Worker, Child Welfare center does focus on a couple that has children. Family issues are the main reason that Social Worker, Child Welfare center was created to help the issues or prevent from making the issue worse and the most of the primary population has family issues that need to seek help from a social worker to solve the issues or becoming worse. The Social Worker, Child Welfare Center that David Jones work as a social worker focus on the primary population in the state of California that involve in over one million people that have family issues that need to seek help from a social worker. Hopefully the people in the state of California could get enough help from the social worker to solve the family issues that the people of California might have in their
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