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Statement of Purpose and Education Intent Since the last fifteen years of my life, I have been interested in social work involving families with children. I have always had an interest in helping, supporting and working with children and adults. These practical experiences social work will continue to lead me to learned, applied, and prepared to become a social worker. I will continue to work with developmental disabilities and other diverse groups of the population. Experience For the last two years- six months, I work with developmental disabilities clients, which includes children and young adults. My clients have special needs and need people to advocate for this group of the population. I also have work for 14 years with students who …show more content…

Social work in School and Family setting interested me the most because I would want to make a difference in the lives of families with children. Social work is diverse since there are many groups of clients who have different needs, issues, and socioeconomic status. Since there are basics and principles that any social worker puts into the foundation for clinical social work. However, I have learned that clinical social work involves working with all types of circumstances, people, and self-interest. This social work program will help prepare my goals of becoming a licensed clinical social worker to improve lives of individuals, groups, and communities through social …show more content…

As a future student at Social Work at Simmons, my contribution would be spending time doing academically weekly coursework, completing readings and offline assignments, and completing placements. I also would contribute to academically beyond the classroom such as learning and study teams. I will contribute to this school by being a member of social work organization and always demonstrating my best. I will contribute by becoming a future alumnus at SocialWork@Simmons. My contributions would also be learning opportunities to learn about other students and assist other students if they need help. Manage. I plan on using time management to help me to continue my goal to earn a master in social work. I will use a schedule to help me in professional work, personal life and graduate school this will allow me to be flexible and restructure my time. Also, utilizing admission counselor, academic advisor and field placement coordinator when I feel I am struggling in any areas or need assistance in achieving my goals to become a licensed clinical social

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have always been interested in social work involving families with children. these practical experiences led them to learn, applied, and prepared to become a social worker.
  • Explains that social work teaches skills, techniques, and develops mechanisms for everyone to rely on to better families with children lives and experience.
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