Social Work Practice

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I believe all the classes in Austin Peay State University (APSU) social work department are intended to help prepare the students for social work practice. The classes that stand out the most are Generalist, Micro and Macro classes. In these classes we spent a great amount of time experiencing real world scenarios or going into the community to gain knowledge on issues within that community. These classes provided a sneak peak into social work practice. The classes also showed us how diverse social work practice may be depending on the area of social work. Generalist classes provided us with a workbook and within this workbook we had many assignments in which gave us a scenario and then asked us as a social worker how I would address these issues. For example I remember one example asked if I had a client who was terminally ill and asked me to help them commit euthanasia, would I and what else would I do in that situation. I used the ETHICs model to help me answer this question. For me I determined that it was not only against my values, but the values of the company I would be working for and that his life was more important than allowing the client to commit euthanasia. In this example I also indicated that I may be lawfully held accountable and could loose my license. I came to the conclusion that because I would not have had much practice knowledge, that I would take this up with a supervisor to gain more insight on the situation. Although I would respect their decision if they decided to commit euthanasia I would not be able to be apart of this process. In Micro class the instructor brought in various scenarios from their practice knowledge. The students were given roles and the scenario to act out in class and then ano... ... middle of paper ... ...e resident and see what may be the issue. The facility is teaching be a great deal on accommodating my interview to the resident. This takes a continuous effort of analyzing and processing the interview and how I perceive the resident is taking the information or question being asked. Many times I will need to ask the questions a little differently depending on how the client responds to the question. For example, I may ask what are some of your past occupations and the resident may give me a look and then I will ask again what were some of the jobs you have performed in the past. Being able to ready and adjust the interview helps me to get all the information that is needed from the resident. Many times I have found if I visit with the resident before I have to conduct the interview they are more willing to share their information to help me answers the questions.
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