Social Work Case Study

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Analyse the development of Social work, the major changes that have taken place during 1960 The British social policy has its origin from the Poor Laws, dating from 1598 to 1948. The Poor Law amendment act (1834) modified the existing social system today. It provided a compulsory poor rate and helped set the poor to work, and make it illegal for anyone to receive any other help apart from the workhouse. The Beveridge report 1942 saw the establishment of many of the legislations, acts and policies that brought about many changes in social service today. Social work originated from The Charity Organisation Society founded in 1869.The aim was to unify the many smaller sources of relief and make provision more efficient and effective. Its principles…show more content…
However there is a need here is to evaluate two major theories, but highlights on a third are necessary, on future of social work. Firstly, 'Solution-focused approach ' developed by Erickson 's (1963) and De Shazer (1972). The theory is regarded as a positive solution building approach focusing on the service users. The aim is to explore the principles of anti-oppressive practice and involving the service users in finding a solution to their problems. This approach looks at the present and the future of the service users.The strength is that focus is supporting the service users to preferably explore their own future and taking into consideration where and how to reach the desired outcomes in the shortest ways. It keep the service users at the centre of their activity and encouraging them to focus more on the solution than the problem. The key concept is to focus on positive thinking and avoiding pre-judgmental. It does not have a time limit, in making every effort gradually move the service user to where they can be happy. However, the weakness is that social worker without good communication skills will find it difficult to achieve a result. It also is criticised for being directive in nature, in particular, the assessing of tasks and the emphasis on
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