Social Values: Teaching Them to Your Children

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What are social values? Social values exist in every social group in society. These values consist of but are not limited to a certain set of beliefs that is construed as true and righteous. As a parent of children it is the responsibility to ensure to uphold these social beliefs through child teachings throughout their learning years. This process of teaching your child what the belief structure is within a certain society never ends. In fact, teaching your child is a lifelong endeavor no matter what the age is. How important are teaching values to children? The child teachings of social values by their parents are an ongoing endeavor that starts with the behavior of the parents. Children learn a lot by observation. They watch their environment, their friends and of course their parents. The importance of these child teachings as related to social values will determine their future social success in society. Not a day will go by when children will not observe the actions and reactions by the parents. Whether parents show their social values consciously or unconsciously t...

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