Social Suffering In Pierre Bourdieu's The Weight Of The World

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These three process are listed in the book the first one talks about collective suffering of people or communities, where there is oppression and exploitation at a large extent. The second one talks about regulation of human’s bodies and individuals. Here they talk about life going through issues which become a disease and curing the same through morality. So it talks about identifying the medical condition and then followed by prevention and treatment. Self-identity also plays a role in the same. The Holocaust and such similar atrocities can be used as a very important examples of social suffering because firstly the sheer volume in which these events occur or its impact and after these events the victims stop believing in humanity. They start believing that not only humanity is superfluous and also it social forces. Pierre Bourdieu in his book “The Weight of the World: Social Suffering in Contemporary Society”, he mainly focuses on lived experiences of social domination and exclusion to describe this concept of social suffering. He gives a detailed explanation of social domination and disposition in the larger context of social…show more content…
So it can be an example of Social Suffering for this kind of explanation. Many sufferings which are largely in the social context and affect people in a negative way. From major disabilities that people face to racial discrimination and even poverty comes under the broad headline of social suffering. Any restrictions that stops physical mobility can come under social suffering, whenever on class or section of society is made to feel secluded or not a part of everyone else it classifies under social suffering. So genocide comes under social suffering and also does stereotyped groups of disabled people fall under the same category which experience social

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