Social Stratification Essay

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One interesting sentence from the reading: “Social stratification of society, not simply a reflection of individual differences, other one is social stratification is a universal but variable” (Macionis, JJ & Plummer, K 2012, p.190). Link to previous reading: Connected with chapter 4, Marx theory of capitalism which divided the society into rich and poor/upper and lower class. Private ownership of productive property was the basis of social class. Question: Technology and industrial revolution have a hand behind the class and division of society? If yes why ? if no why ? (Week-6)Group Networks and New Media: Reading: “A social group is that two or more people who identify and interact with one another. And secondary group is a large social group whose members purse a specific interest or activity”( Macionis, JJ & Plummer, K 2012, pp.176-200). Link to lecture and chapter: This chapter is making link with societies. Mass media make changes, marked movement from writing to print. New media creating a lot of changes but other side this can be harmful. Question: How much the mass media affect our interpersonal relationship? Is it creating differences between parents and child or in between other family members? (Week 7) Gender, Sexuality and Family Reading: “Gender identity refers to the subjective state in which someone comes to say I am a man, or I am a women. Gender role, is a learning and performing the socially accepted characteristics for a given sex”( Macionis, JJ & Plummer, K 2012, pp. 390-410) . Link with chapter: This chapter make a link with chapter 7-8 , the social stratification create by the gender identity. Question: what kind of changes in society in 21 century regarding the male/female identity? What is the ge... ... middle of paper ... ...n use this (America use the atom against japan) that lead to destruction of environment and developing air, water, soil pollution” (Macionis, JJ & Plummer, K 2012, p. 869). “From the sociological side, environmental issue is issue foe social life and sociology came out with the 4 understanding. Firstly human social pattern cause mounting stress, secondly sociologist can show how environmental damage is not equally distributed, thirdly sociologist can conduct research on public opinion, finally sociologist can explore what the environment mean to people of various culture” (Macionis, JJ & Plummer, K 2012, p. 869). Link with chapter: Making link with chapter 24, the scientific revolution effective, but also leaving bad effects on environment. Question: human activities having hand behind the global warming , do youn thik so? Or consider the global warming a myth?
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