Social Stereotypes In The Breakfast Club

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Directed by John Hughes, The Breakfast Club is a film that portrays the social conflicts students face during high school. Set in Shermer, Illinois five students attend detention on a Saturday and are required to write an essay about themselves and “who they think they are” (The Breakfast Club). Over the length of the day the five students, who are all extremely different, become closer. They become closer by talking, breaking the rules, and standing up for each other. By the end of the movie the students have written one essay breaking the stereotypes they fit in to. These stereotypes they have received are, the “athlete,” “princess,” “criminal,” “brain,” and “basket case.” According to Kathryn Feltey and Jean-Anne Sutherland, “when stereotypes…show more content…
Through costumes it becomes apparent that the characters fit into their stereotypes they have been given. The “athlete” (Andrew) wears a letterman jacket along a Nike shirt to show off. By wearing the Nike shirt, he is showing off because it is a popular, expensive brand. The “princess” (Claire) wears a pink sweater and a skirt. She is very stylish and put in a great deal of effort getting ready to go to detention on a Saturday. This shows that she cares what others think of her. The “basket case,” (Allison) who does not have confidence in herself, wears all black and baggy clothing. The “criminal” (Bender) wears an outfit with multiple different pieces randomly thrown together and holes in his shoes. One could analyze that he is trying to hide his scars from the abuse he receives at home and gives himself as many layers of protection from “abuse” as possible. He is also wearing sunglasses to be perceived as “cool.” The “brain” (Brian) wears high-waisted khakis and a sweater vest as well as a watch. This is practical, and down-to-earth. In addition to the students in the film Principal Vernon also fits into a stereotype. Vernon wears a brown and black suit that is out of style, according to Bender. Along with costumes, the view of the characters that the viewer receives also shows the differences between the…show more content…
Claire gives Allison a makeover and Andrew stares in awe. Throughout the movie Bender objectifies and downgrades women. This downgrading of women could be analyzed as a need to have power over something since he is so powerless at home. On the opposite end of the spectrum Brian relates to the females. Brian most likely relates to females because he has a sister and a mom who are tough on him and expect a lot out of him. He attempts to stand up for them and even compliments Allison after her makeover. Even the colors in The Breakfast Club emphasize stereotypes and

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