Social Security Policy in Brazil

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Brazilian social security benefits are only available to Brazilians and foreigners who have made contributions to the social security system. Some of the benefits that we will introduce and discuss are; maternity benefits, temporary incapacity or accident benefits, long-term sickness benefits, disability benefits, pensions benefits, imprisonment benefits, death benefits, and invalidity benefits. In many of the cases in order to receive benefits or assistance, the insured must have contributed to at least twelve months of working, or in the case of the old age pension at least one hundred fifty-six months of contribution are required. In some cases there are instances where the contribution is waived if the insured as hurt or injured on the job or becomes pregnant. We will also discuss the problems with the Brazilian Social Security problems and ways that we believe will improve the Brazilian Social Security Program. For the old age pension benefit the men are required to have contributed five more years of work than the women. The United States Social Security Administrative Office website states that the men must have at least thirty years of contributions. The maternity monthly benefit is paid as 100% of the workers last wage; benefits are paid to women for up to four months. Women with miscarriages get paid for two weeks. Any woman who has adopted a child under the age of one also gets paid for four months. The minimum amount paid is about 229 dollars in U.S. currency and the maximum is about 1,743 dollars in U S currency. Work injury benefits depend on the degree of risk. According to the United States Social Security Administrations Office of Retirement and Disability, the accidents that occur while commuting to and fro... ... middle of paper ... ...arge like 1 or 2 percent to people who receive the welfare. Third problem that “Brazil’s National Social Security Institute (INSS) has recently published a report showing a trend of men in their 60s marrying women half their age, which is leaving a big pool of young widows collecting benefits for much longer than anticipated.” So we will question is this fair? And we believe that government can add more detail to this benefit. For example, if the women or the men are not over 50 they are not allowed to collect pension when their husband or wife pass away. Or they can collect partial pension. Works Cited,3746,en_2649_34117_43225253_1_1_1_1,00.html
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