Social Security And Social Privacy Of Facebook

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The social networking websites became integral part of anyone’s life in this current age. Each and everyone want to connect to the most updated thing on a full secure basis. The life will become easier for the social networking sites if they follow and provide some easy steps to stop security threats. Social networking shares an idea or experience which can reach between the community or members. There is always a chance of hacking of the data and phishing attacks are the extremely dangerous threats to the privacy of the social networking system. It is important to keep the data safe and maintain a healthy environment to share the online interactions. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other have different method to protect their privacy and stay safe from security threats. The privacy policies of Facebook include the factors like who can see my stuff, who can contact me and how I stop my account to visualize by others or third party who is not in the member list or friend list. The privacy policies of Facebook seems more secure than other networks as it includes ...

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