Social Science Perspective : Mental Health

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Social Science Perspective (SO)- Mental Health ICC Objective # 1: Understand how social science methods are used to analyze, investigate, or predict human individual or group behavior. In social science researchers who are studying about individual human or group behavior. They attempt to use lots of different methods to analyze, investigate human individual or group behavior by collecting qualitative and quantitative data. According to the that qualitative data cannot be expressed as a number and it requires observations. This data can represent nominal scales such as gender, social economic status, and like religious preference. Quantitative data are a data that need to record measurements, which can be organized into tables or graphs like expressed as a number or quantify such as scores on achievement tests, number of study hours, or measurement of weight or height. For example, case study of depression and anxiety. Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital shows how they used the qualitative and quantitative data when they study about of depression and anxiety. Researchers use qualitative data to observe the brain imaging technologies to study or observe the function, structure, and chemistry that in a brain in both health people and patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression. Also, they make observe on behavioral paradigm such as including tasks that assess learning and memory to find out relationship between brain- behavioral. As continuing study, they move further to the Cerebral GABA and fear condition in PTSD. They start to use quantitative data as to examine and compared the patients ' level of neurotransmitters in brain regions that mediate fear has any correlated with patients’ performan... ... middle of paper ... ...ental illness varies among non-Western cultures, the stigma of mental illness may be less severe than in Western cultures”. This quote suggests that in some other counties unclear about consequences of deaths in their society but still the researcher can predict that still mental illness lees sever in Western cultures than other cultures. For example, Ithaca College (IC) students lives and decision influence from our US culture view on mental health. In my opinion that US culture paly huge roll at IC students, because I have seen that mental disability has separate school and they have special accesses and rules as well. Which is very nice that we provide them better opportunity/access, how at the same time we separating mental illness from our community and we don’t give them choices to make their decision, we make live decision from them without their permission.
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