Social Rights Essay: A Human Right, And Human Rights

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A human right is a person’s obligation to ensure he or she lives a happy, secure, and innocuous life to the best of his or her abilities. A person has the liberty to desire such a life and fight for it. He or she is free to determine their conception of happiness. Others may suggest and influence another person’s definition of happiness but, ultimately, it is a person’s free will to establish what makes him or her happy. Whether it is simple or grand, one may choose a life that fits his or her perceptions of existing contentedly. Moreover, a person has the right to a secure life. Although safety can be relative and rhetorical, one has the freedom to seek security. One can protect themselves and their way of living. If he or she believes a fence or an alarm system is required to guard his or her safety, then he or she has the right to implement them. Furthermore, a person has the responsibility to achieve a joyful, safe life without harming others. Though one has the right to better themselves, he or she must do so with minimal collateral damage. Humans are flawed. Mistakes happen. Ho...

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