Social Responsibility Case Study

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In the words of Janie Lewis “We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others”(EnkiQuotes, 2017). As the quote suggests, it is our law-abiding responsibility to take care of the society by helping each other in tough situations and make the world a better place to live.Social Responsibility is a behavioral responsibility in which individuals are responsible for consummating their ethical duties which would benefit the society and make a balance between the social welfare of the environment and economic growth(Anon, 2017). As talking about Social Responsibility in a student’s life, the life of a students is not only about scoring marks and passing the examinations but also, they should be willing to be socially active and serve the society. The Universities play a great role in preparing the students to be socially responsible and make them contribute to the society.There are many thing which a student should keep track of such as maintain a stimulating environment, healthy eating and so many more. This question is drawing too much attention as it…show more content…
The Universities still needs to go to that extra mile to teach the students the importance of social responsibility so that they do not judge anyone on the basis of their race and color and ensures that there is no kind of discrimination going on the campus and by doing this, the students would feel much more safe to mingle with each other and make new international friends. To ensure the maximization of social responsibility, the universities should set a code of conduct for their students and it is also the responsibility of the students to grasp as much knowledge and not only understand what is being said but also, implement those in the real life and help their peers to make the community a better place for all the students and maintain the unity as well. It is the moral duty of every student to act honorably while living a student life and beyond and seek
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