Social Policy And Social Policies

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The lives of all individuals are impacted by social policies that have been created and written in the past and this impact will continue as historical social policies are updated and with each future social policies that is created and written. The impact of social policy is significant because, “Although social policy may address individual needs, it also typically benefits the host society” (Chapin, 2014, p.2). In other words, each social policy does not directly impact each individual in society, but overall social policies impact the entire society in some form or another. “Social policies are the rules, laws, and regulations that govern the benefits and services provided by the government and private organizations to assist people in meeting their needs” (Chapin, 2014, p.2). Social policy analysis is important in all levels of the social work profession to work towards alleviating social problems and maintaining social control. Existing social policies are often times updated, added to, or changed attempting to improve the social policies to meet the needs of targeted groups. In addition, new social policies are created and written continuously to meet the needs of individuals and society. The changes that occur in social policy is the reason that policy analysis is extremely important to ensure that the changes that occur meet the needs of individuals within at risk populations that require assistance with meeting their needs. This paper will explore the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) in order to provide an explanation of the CAPTA goals, defining the benefits that are provided by CAPTA, describing the services that are provided, and defining the eligibility of individuals that benefit from CAPTA. CAPTA... ... middle of paper ... ... Abuse Coalition, 2009). Additionally, states must provide collect and share data concerning child abuse cases in their states to be eligible for funds. In conclusion, social policies are created to meet the needs of individuals and over all benefits the host society. CAPTA is a social policy, the solitary Federal legislation, which focuses on preventing and treating child abuse and neglect. Action is taken to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect through CAPTA providing states with funding to enhance state CPS systems and guiding CPS systems on preventing, identifying, assessing, investigating, and treating child abuse and neglect. Every child under the age of 18 that has experienced child abuse or neglect or that is at risk of experiencing child abuse or neglect is eligible to receive services and benefits that are provided by state CPS systems through CAPTA.

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