Social Penetration Theory In Mrs. Doubtfire

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Many movies have correlation that could be found by anybody even if the correlation itself may differ per person. As for interpersonal communication, many of these examples could be found in the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire. Quick summary of the movie is that the setting takes place in San Francisco, California (“Plot Summary”). The story runs through Daniel Hillard’s perspective of his life, and he is a talented voice actor who manages and is capable of playing several roles. However, he loses his job when he disagrees with the show which had inappropriate content for the young children. This is only the beginning of the movie, and the viewers should already be convinced how much he cares for the children at this point. Probably due to some feelings…show more content…
There are five stages under this theory including the orientation stage, the exploratory affective stage, the affective stage, the stable stage, and the depenetration. In the movie, only two of these stages are seen: the stable stage and the depenetration. The stable stage is the fourth stage out of the five, and this is the relationship where a plateau is reached (“Social Penetration Theory”). Due to Miranda’s explanation written before, she and Daniel is at this stage during their early marriage. She speaks that Daniel was very funny that made her laugh. They even have three children named Lydia, Chris, and Natalie where stableness in their past relationship could be presumed. To the fact that their children were surprised and did not expect them to divorce further proves their stableness. Their process of divorce is in fact the last stage of the five called depenetration. This stage is “when the relationship [begins] to break down” leading “to termination of the relationship” (“Social Penetration Theory”). The movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, is about Miranda and Daniel going through a divorce, so stage five of the social penetration theory is clearly available to the viewers. Since Miranda was stressed and not able to compose herself being around Daniel, she started to become moody. In the end, Daniel threw the birthday party that was forbidden to throw turned out disastrous leading to rage Miranda. By this time, she came out with the conclusion of divorcing—termination of the relationship (“Social Penetration Theory”). Perhaps as this theory is about disclosure, there was not enough between them to maintain their
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