Social Networks are taking over the World

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The growth of social media has had a tremendous change in our society; some changes are negative while the others are positive. Social networking has become so popular; it has increased extremely in the last decade. Social media has a positive effect on teenager and student, while other say it has had a negative effect due to cyber bullying and reduced learning and not paying attention in class. Many social network sites are allowing people to share their information, pictures and video along with their friends, families and people they meet online. It allows people to connect with one another when they live far away from each other. Facebook and other major sites allow you to connect virtually in order to make a profile and connect with others. You are able to connect with friends that you have not seen in years. (Wilson, Gosling, Graham, 2012) According to Keith Wilcox and Andrew T. Stephen, “The success of social networks is based not only on the numbers of active users, but also on the amount of time users spend on these websites. Online social networks use accounts for nearly 23% of the time spent online in the United States, Which is approximately double the time spent on any other online activity. “ (Wilcox and Stephen, 2010) As the years are passing technology is becoming more advanced and people are becoming more accustomed to using online websites and cell phone apps, as it is easier for them to use. Social media has become a tool that is not being used properly by students. Students are using many different website each day, they are making each social network a part of their life, but little do they know social media has a positive effect on us, just like it has a negative effect. It’s affecting us mentally, physica... ... middle of paper ... ... they rather keep everything inside. In conclusion, Even though social media has lots of benefits that are helpful to us in my opinion, I think it is doing more harm to us than good. As we use these social networks they can be very helpful and we can learn a lot from them if we use them properly without becoming addicted. Students would be able to improve their grades if they were to leave social networking alone until they are done with class and homework their grades would become higher instead of decreasing. As the years go by, I think that social networking will get even more popular because today we even have 10- year olds using these websites. Technology and social media will be taking over the world; new technology products will be introduced to us as well as new websites will be developed. We should always take pre-caution when using social media websites.
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