Social Networking Sites: Bad For Our Society?

Over the past few years something has taken a toll in most people’s lives, we use it, love it, talk about it, and check it almost every hour of every day: this thing is called social networks. It was only a few years back, in 2003, when MySpace was discovered, and in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg established Facebook, and soon after in 2006 Twitter followed. These sites became more than just an online destination, but a way of life. Notifications, follower counts, friend requests, photo comments- all what might seem like silly things that teenagers and adults alike await the moment they come home to check. We scroll unconsciously through feeds and pictures of people we barely know, from the inquisitive human nature. At school everyone is talking: “You won’t believe what I just saw on Facebook!” or when a major political occurrence occurs, most people admit “Oh yeah I saw that on Twitter.” It is inevitable that social networking sites have taken a major toll in our lives. The question is whether it is for the better or worse. Although many can hold a cogent argument that social networking sites have connected them with friends and family, these sites have led to decreased grades, lowered self esteem/depression, and lost jobs due to the blank addiction. Therefore, social networking sites are bad for our society.

Social Networking sites lead to decreased grades. As high school students we are presented with plethora distractions: talking, texting, eating, and watching television but none compare to the immense impact of social networks. Our brains are almost programmed to be able

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to sit on for hours scrolling simultaneously through feeds and not get bored. Bsecure states that teachers consider that social networking sites a...

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