Social Networking Is A Major Part Of Modern Day Society

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Social networking is a major part of modern-day society. Facebook, the world 's largest social network, has more than a billion users. With such a large part of the world population using social networks, social networks have a large influence in the world. A debate has surfaced over whether social networks affect the world positively or negatively. Although the heated debate has been going on for several years, social networks have yet to receive a decline in users. Social networking has been around a little over a decade. Social networks create connections between people through the use of the Internet. In 2003, LinkedIn and MySpace became the first social networks to achieve major success. LinkedIn was primarily focused on connecting business people, and MySpace was focused on connecting people in English-speaking countries. Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook on the campus of Harvard University in 2004. Ease of use and numerous features caused Facebook to grow users very fast. The last of the successful computer-based social networks was Twitter, a site that allows users to "tweet" one hundred and forty character bits of information. Mobile-based social networks, sites that cannot be used from a computer, arrived in 2010. Instagram, the most popular mobile-based social network, currently boasts over ten million daily users. In just a small time frame, social networks have changed society, but the debate focuses on how social networks changed society. Zeynep Tefukci, an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of North Carolina, believes social networking has had a positive effect on society. Tefukci argues in his article, “Social Media’s Small, Positive Role in Human Relationships,” how social medi... ... middle of paper ... ...ocial networks. Tefukci concludes that as long as humans are communicating with other humans, social networking will not hurt face-to-face communication. Although Tefukci and Suliveres disagree on the topic, common ground can be found. Tommy Landry, founder and president of Return On Now, mentions in his article, “How Social Media Has Changed Us: The Good and The Bad,” how social networking provides immediate access to information and connectivity to people. He concludes at the end of his article that social media has its benefits if used in moderation. Although the Tefukci and Suliveres cannot agree on whether social media is good or bad for society, both authors can agree that social media can be beneficial if used correctly. In conclusion, both authors can probably agree that the effects of social networking arise from the users, not social media itself. (1105)
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