Social Networking Advantages And Disadvantages

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Today is the era in which technology is the part and parcel of our lives. It has been seen that social networking has escalated. It can be seen in any field of world and it is having great effect on businesses. In the business world there are challenges that did not exist some years ago. Nowadays, trends change so quickly and to be successful in business you need be one step ahead of your competitors. You always need to find out the ways that attracts others towards your company. Social networking can help a business in tremendous ways like sales, marketing or recruiting (Miss Mahone, 2011). Social networking is a very powerful tool for the businesses to increase sales and attract more customers. According to the traditional ways of marketing,…show more content…
These sites are the best way to target a number of customers. Many businesses use social networking to promote their business, advertise about their new products, hire people etc. Social networking brings a lot of advantages for a business. It has a broad reach, people of every age use these sites, and major portion of population is now on social networking sites. Moreover it is a really fast mode of spreading information; just one click can inform everyone about a new launched product. Social networking even allows businesses to communicate with their customers on a personal base; for example, many businesses use the option of live chat, if customer wants he/she can get the solution instantly by online chatting (Queensland government, 2014). Most of these sites are free to use, so marketing on these sites is really cheaper or we can say that it has no cost. Social networking sites have no boundaries for your business; your business can reach anytime and anywhere in the…show more content…
Another benefit of posting on these sites is, your business can get a good ranking in Search Engine Optimization and this can really benefit a business in several ways. Social networking sites can take your business to a new platform and grow it (Josh, 2014).

Some interviews were conducted to gather some more information what business people think about social networking sites as their marketing tool and according to the interviews conducted businesses find easier to advertise about their products and services on these sites rather than advertising through pamphlets newspapers because it is quick and easy. Another example taken from these interviews was about Dan Murphy’s special offer on Father’s Day that you can get your father’s name engraved on the bottle and this was posted on Facebook, which indirectly increased their
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