Social Network Sites That Can Be Considered As Products Of New Media

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Currently, there are various social network sites that can be considered as products of new media. All of them encourage users to share information and create friendships. RENREN is regarded as one of the famous social network sites which is based on real-name system in China. The main purpose of RENREN is to build friendships and create interactions with other participants. Generally, there are four basic tools for users of RENREN to produce, maintain and explore online friendship, which are personal pages, public pages, communication tools and applications. The first tool of RENREN is personal pages which are the pages can be constructed with words, photos even music. Usually, due to the choices of users, profiles can be shown in public or semi-public settings. Profiles enable participants of RENREN to create their online identity and allow users to build entrances of their personal communities. It is believed that whether other users can view personal pages depends on the choices of personal pages owners. However, it is still available for others to check and obtain information of owners in the semi-public settings, showing the term ‘networked public culture’ of boyd. To some extent, the construction of profiles have made it possible for users to present themselves in the digital and open environment. It presents a challenge to personal control because of ‘self-presentation’ in today’s friendship. Moreover, users are willing to purchase VIP function to show their distinct self-identity. Without using fake names or representative symbols, RENREN encourages users to register with their real names and true information. Furthermore, in personal home pages, each user is able to generate their own contents correspond with diary, mo... ... middle of paper ... ...ferent information of each node, and each flow of friendships might be relied on credibility and trust. After doing numbers of studies, the result indicates that trust plays an important on long-distance relationships, which can teach individuals more about themselves (Mietzner & Lin, 2005). Interpersonal trust depends on the whole structure of society and the meaning of personal relationships, while it is the reflection of society cultures. It is accepted that online friendships of social network sites can conduct more connections and interactions with strangers. In most of the SNSs, such as Facebook and RENREN, the only way to protect online privacy is to set semi-public spaces of personal pages. Thus, participants among SNSs may lack attention of privacy. The problems of privacy and credibility towards online friendships make challenges for social surveillance.

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