Social Mobility Essay

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Social mobility in society is a weird thing if you think about it in a different perspective than what you see, read, and listen to on the news. The social mobility in America in the way is defined like this, the rich are way to rich and middle class is almost starting to become the poor class and while this is happening the poor class is becoming something like homeless no money, but this is still considered the poor class so now the poor classes is just poorer in its own way I suppose. Within my knowledge and what I learned in class is that most Americans think we 're just averaged out in classes where the rich is regularly rich and the middle class have money and the poor are making some money, while this is what most Americans think, it 's not accurate. Social mobility has a lot in common in terms of social class in its own way. The…show more content…
Being born rich means going to the best schools and paying for the best tutors and you can have all this since you have money and those who don 't have money are usually bad schools and can 't afford tutors or extra help and these poor children might have to work after school to help their parents. Being poor and becoming rich in the future isn’t really likely to come because the schools are too expensive for the poor. The poor can 't afford education and the chance of a person from the poor social class becoming rich is rather slim since most rich people came from rich families. Being poor and trying to get a high education is very hard and especially the cost for schools for master, doctorates, and professional degrees are way to expensive and the middle class as well struggles with affording college. Being born rich means the chances of you being poor is slim because rich people are very rich and have enough money to last a life time unless they mess

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