Social Media's Affect on Mixed Martial Arts

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In this research proposal, we aim to discuss the role social media has on the growth of Mixed Martial Arts. This study was chosen because there is no getting around the fact that social media has changed the way we communicate and interact. The biggest change is the sheer number of people using social media websites and the interaction with each other.

The genre of MMA was chosen because it is a relatively new sport, but despite that, it has been gaining grave amounts of publicity in the sporting world. Unlike other long-established, mainstream sports such as soccer and basketball, the sport of MMA only commenced approximately 20 years ago, back in 1993. The power of social media has revolutionised the way humans communicate and it has also helped the MMA world in the development of the sport. In this research proposal, we hope to understand the discourse on the role social media has on the growth of MMA.

Personal experiences and perspective

I have been an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts for almost half a decade now and I have always wondered to myself, why is MMA not as popular as the other more recognisable sports like soccer and basketball? Indeed, I must not be too biased. I understand that sports such as soccer and basketball have been around since the early centuries but I believe MMA has the potential of being just as popular or even more than those other mainstream sports.

Since I myself use social media websites, I noticed that one of the ways the MMA community interacts with each other; whether it is fans or fighters, is through social media. There must be at least a thousand Facebook pages regarding MMA and to say that social media has not helped the sport grow to what it is to be at this cur...

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... that thinks MMA is a brutal and violent sport. Although we know that the sport has grown tremendously across the world, we need observe this phenomenon in a local context. More specifically, this study will provide a deeper understanding of the ways Singaporean MMA organisations utilise social media, and the most effective means for MMA organisations in Singapore to engage in social media in developing best practices.

Targeted Audience

Since this is an academic research proposal, the targeted audience will be SMF institute of higher learning’s lecturer Miss Jacinta Ho. She will help me to prepare my final research proposal. In general, my intended target audiences are future researchers. Whether it is business or sports researchers, they can refer back to my research proposal who want to make future proposals in regards to social media and Mixed Martial Arts.

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