Social Media 's Impact On Popular Culture, Business, And Individuals

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Today, social media has a tremendous impact in popular culture, business, and individuals. Social websites are some of the most popular types of media that have revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the Web. Truly, social media divides opinions and is a hot topic being constantly debated. It is also a critical tool for humans but a dangerous weapon if used incorrectly. Social media has positive and negatives; however, it is essential for daily life. Some argue that as there is more information flowing into people’s lives, levels of stress have increased more than ever (Marcus). Users of social media are said to be at risk for the negative physical and psychological health effects that can result from stress. Also, there are concerns about the exposure of personal information on the web. on the other hand, others argue that social media is a good tool for society as it allows people to stay connected to family and friends while being inform about the current events around the world. Thus, is social media good or bad for society? There are three major aspects to consider when evaluating the positive and negative impacts of social media: individuals, community, and industry. First, it is important to know the positive and negative effects of social media on individuals. Social networks are a site to connect with friends in an easy and convenient way. For instance, with social media sites such as Facebook, people is able to communicate with each other in many enhanced ways. This opens the opportunity for people to create social connections that, without social media, would not be possible. For example a friendship is strongly benefited by the fact that people can have conversations with each other every time they ... ... middle of paper ... ...kus). Even though new technology products are available to block media sites they are still not very effective. In conclusion, Social networking is a very valuable tool that can be used to meet new people and allow people to remain in contact with friends. Still, social networking can be dangerous as people get exposed to develop psychological problems while using social media. Therefore it is important to be aware of these in order to get the best of it. Suddenly, Social Media has helped entire communities to organize and generate social change. Never the less, on the lower scale, social media is also a very helpful tool to organize groups of the same interests and explore new possibilities. Even though it can lead to addiction and low productivity, social media positively affects the industry by allowing people and companies to reach more efficiently to the public.
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