Social Media and People Social Life

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How popular do you think the social media is? As Joe stated " If social media companies were countries, Facebook-with over 1,1 billion users- would be the most populous, just before China!" (Joe carter, 2013, para 1). Nowadays, social networking became the main method of communication, giving the chance to connect with friends around the corner and around the world. It seems that social media has changed the world for better. Nevertheless, with the growing number of social networks’ users from all ages researches noticed the negative effects of these networks on the community with the rising of serious psychical problems including social isolation as a main one, so it’s fair enough to say that social media has dramatically impacted our society causing moral and social issues. Some people may argue that social media dissolves boundaries. Social networks’ supporters believe that social media facilitates open communication leading to enhance information and gives opportunity for various cultures and communities to connect. Nevertheless, this point has merits on the surface and could be acceptable to an extent. It’s true that social media allows long distance communication. Yet cyberspace interaction differs from real life communication, while social networks assist open communication it also opens up the possibility for hackers to launch spam and cause privacy concerns. The main risk to preadolescents and adolescents online today are risks from each other, risks of improper use of technology, lack of privacy, sharing too much information, or posting false information about themselves or others these types of behavior put their privacy at risks ( O'Keeffe, Clarke-Pearson, 2011, Para5). Moreover, with the more time spent on social n... ... middle of paper ... ...arents can be most helpful if they understand the core issues and have strategies for dealing with them whether they take place online, offline, or, increasingly, both” (O'Keeffe, Clarke-Pearson, 2011, Para8). Reference list: * O’Keeffe, Clarke-Pearson. (March 28, 2011). The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families. Retrieved April 25, 2014, from * Graham. (April 16, 2014). Psychologist: Social Media Causing a ‘Distancing Phenomena’ To Take Place. Retrieved April 25, 2014, from * Carter. (July 17, 2013). 9 Things You Should Know About Social Media. Retrieved May 6, 2014, from
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