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As the Internet changed the way people live: how they do shopping, organize their vacations, do school researches, social media changed the way in which people communicate and interact with each other. Through the use of social media people can express their ideas and thoughts, can share photos and videos and comment them. Social media became a place that provides a great opportunity to communicate with a large number of people not only for individuals, but also for companies. (
Facebook was founded in 2004 and since then it’s the most popular social networking site. It provides customers opportunity to create a personal page, add friends, send messages, share pictures, videos and ideas, leave comments etc. In 2009 it had more than 300 million users. Right now Facebook became an essential part of people’s lives. Some individuals believe that Facebook is “a necessity, along the lines of oxygen, water, and food.” Facebook website completely changed social communication. In our days everyone uses social media, it becomes a mainstream phenomenon. Users spend more and more time online. All this shows how new technology revolutionized lives of people, and advertising needs to react to these changes fast.
Facebook is a consistently growing company that continuously adds new features to its platform and other companies can use the popularity of Facebook to reach their potential customers. It provides unique opportunities that didn’t exist before. Along with networking with friends users now can also utilize special applications such as games, fan pages, and gifts. One of the most popular game platforms is Zynga that created applications such as FarmVille, Café World, and...

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...uccessful YouTube campaign was Coca Cola’s Happiness Truck. The message of this campaign was very simple: have a Coke and a smile. It also became viral, because it brought a lot of happiness to the people. (
As we can see social media such Facebook and YouTube are having a big impact on consumers, on how they receive messages. Today, it is much harder for marketers to control public perception of their brands. Social media gave an opportunity to users to talk about products twenty four-seven. So rather than ignore Facebook and YouTube as something new and unknown companies should use it as a great opportunity to make their products more interactive. Companies cannot rely on what worked in the past anymore. They should work with new technologies even if there are a lot of questions about their efficiency.
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