Social Media: Two Sides to the Penny

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Social Media: Two sides to the Penny

How often are you using your cell phone or computer to search the web? The social media has had a huge impact on the world today whether being positive or negative. Is there something we as a society can do to avoid the negative effects? Social media is the idea that the whole world can be connected on any social networking website such as Email, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Skype and much more. Social media relates to the term well known in our country today as Globalization. Globalization is also the idea that we can be connected. Social media gives an opportunity for people to branch out and share cultures and practice through the web just as globalization encourages everyone to be connected.

Social media has blossomed over the years in every direction possible. One of the reasons social media is popular today is because it allows you to interact. It also gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions. These interactions have made this world a much bigger and louder place. With that being said having all this interaction can cause conflict on what is said. But you have the choice to follow whoever you want on social media with Twitter for example. Another positive thing that comes with social media is many businesses have launched. Many businesses take full advantage of social media. It gives public more awareness of the organization. Having your business displayed on the web can attract more viewers because of the web is very popular. According to Dennis McCafferty in the “Brave, New Social World” “Many adults use social media to open up their business on many different levels”. (McCafferty 176). In this reading, McCafferty spoke about how social media increased the value of business a...

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As you can see there are two sides to the idea of social media and how it affects the world today. With all the positives and negative affects it really is up to the individual to use the social media sources wisely. If not you may run into problems in the future whether you are applying for a new job or not wanting personal information about yourself private. But the world is getting closer everyday and everyone wants to be connected. People can follow or get information from any part of the world now. With social media, you really need understand all the sides of it. Even though it comes with positive effects it can also affect your future negatively.

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