Social Media Takes Over

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Social media takes over

Media has been there for a long time. It is a source of information, leaking out news throughout newspapers, television, radio, Internet, websites. Media’s aim is to reach out to people, keeping them updated to news, but also advertising. With the world moving forward, technology development and the Internet, new medias have derived: social medias. Social media is, by definition, a way for people to communicate, socialize, share information, and reach out to others through social media networking websites. It is clear that the world has been changing constantly throughout time. Change is remarkable when people realize a certain difference around them. Social media has made a remarkable change in the world. People are using social media abundantly, as 98% of the 18-24 years olds is the percentage of those who already use social media (Statistic brain, social network statistics). Should there be a certain limit of use of social media? Reaching out to a larger amount of people, social media’s use needs to be limited, as it has had various impacts on the world.

First, as of today, we are living in a generation where phones are a need and no longer the object of luxury it was back in time. Almost everyone possesses a portable phone, which they can’t forget and that is essential for their everyday use. With technology advancements, smartphones’ abundance is on the surge as the Internet is accessible on them, with 1.43 billion smartphone users in the world (E-marketers, Smartphone users in the world). With smartphones comes access to social media websites and communicating networks such as: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. As social media’s aim is connecting people to each other, it is possible to q...

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...these sources for their own profit. It’s the liberty of doing whatever one wants to do on the Internet that might be leading to such pathways such as cyber bullying.

To conclude, social media’s introduction to the world has changed the way the world functions. Despite the fact that social media has brought new ways to people to be able to reconnect with others, and has facilitated the communication between people, and has improved sectors such as the advertising and marketing sector, social media has still damaged a part of the world, and is the cause of problems that didn’t exist. It has succeeded in disconnecting people, creating addictions, some committed suicide and it reached a point where there was no such thing as privacy. Therefor, social media has to have a certain limit of use. It should have a certain balance of usage in order to keep a good stability.
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