Social Media Negative Effects On Society

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Negative Effects of Social Media on the Society
Social media is commonly known as online platform that are used by people to share information and communicate with other people. Social media is warmly welcomed by all people specially the young generation since its creation. It has significantly affected our societies in terms of communication and increased public awareness. Though social media greatly benefits the societies, there are many concerns that result from it. Negative effects on mental health and personal relationships and cyberbullying are the major problems resulted from social media.
One bad effect of social media on the society is its negative impact on adult’s mental health. According to Udorie (2015, September 16), a study have
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It decreases the quality of relationships and cause loneliness. As Graham and Davey (2016, December 15) argued that social media declines the quality of social relationship although it increases its quantity (2016, December 15). So, friendship through social media is short-lived and unreliable. As Housman (2012, April 25) says that online conversation through social media impedes us to self-reflect and have a real conversation due to the emotional invisibility it presents (2012, April 25). Both low quality of relationship and invisibility of emotion make people to suffer new type of loneliness. As Marche (2012, May 12) writes, “… we have less and less actual society. We live in an accelerating contradiction: the more connected we become, the lonelier we are.” (2012, May…show more content…
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