Social Media Marketing Analysis

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Social Media Marketing Social media is where information is created, collected and exchanged through social media platforms. Social media in the current generation is constantly used and regularly updated with peoples personal lives for their whole group of friends and family and maybe even for the general public to see. Businesses now have to adapt to the social media era and use it to their advantage. Social media marketing is how firms use social media as a medium to interact with their customers to help increase awareness of their products and events. Social media marketing is new aspect in the modern day era for businesses. Nowadays it's a technology based community where their leisure and work time are usually done with laptops, phones…show more content…
Social media can be considered as contagious as it spreads like a disease as one person shares a link to the businesses profile then a multiplier effect occurs as more people will visit the profile Paradiso,C (2014). This is positive for the business as word of mouth marketing is occurring which helps increase awareness and the customer base gets larger and larger. Paradiso,C (2014) also stated that although it's important to form a strong audience its important to interact with them through social media. It's crucial for businesses to interact with them so that their product/service will be appealing and possibly purchased by them. Businesses depend more on social media because of some of the reasons mentioned above and also to help compete in the technology based world we live in…show more content…
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