Social Media Is Good for Businesses

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In today’s society, many businesses are using commercial websites to get their name out in the public. “Social media is now a crucial part of any successful business marketing plan” (Kiripatea). Businesses need to use the right social media platform to bring in the most revenue.

A popular social media website is Facebook, Facebook sponsors ads for products, services and businesses. If a business was to put an ad on Facebook, there would be a greater chance of increase in revenue due to how many people log onto Facebook every day. “Integrating your business website with Facebook has never been easier and the benefits speak for themselves, with 50% of Facebook users checking their profile every day. Think of these log-ins as opportunities to expose your followers to your brand through creative content and interaction” (Kiripatea). Facebook is a popular website with endless benefits for a company to gain new customers and revenue.

Facebook is not the only popular social media website. Twitter has become popular as well, businesses. A new business can use Twitter to gain popularity, send out coupons, host contests and much more. These social interactions will allow the public to gain interest in the new company. A company that is just starting up needs publicity and Twitter can make that goal easier to achieve. “With 36% of businesses gaining a new customer through Twitter, this easy to use microblogging platform should be considered just as highly (as Facebook)” (Kiripatea).

Businesses large and small can take advantage of these commercial opportunities. Many small businesses are getting their feet on the ground though apps and websites. A few small businesses that have become popular through social media are: Seamless, The Mermaid Inn, Hestia Tobacco and Branch (Hessinger). Social media has many benefits for all types of business and many businesses have taken advantage of the websites.

New businesses need to get their names out there so they can gain new customers and bring revenue to their business.
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