Social Media Is A Negative Effects On Modern Day Society

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Whenever my friends vent about their social network outlets, and whenever girls that I know rely on the likes on their Instagram photos to determine their mood or determine their self worth I cringe and die a little bit inside every time I hear these things. Social media is not beneficial to modern day society and I believe it is desensitizing the youth. The reason for the majority of the youth is utilizing social networks is because the whole idea of social media is relatively new. This idea of sharing one 's photos, feelings and opinions online gives the average social Networker a security blanket of being able to say whatever he or she wants behind the cover of a computer screen. This epidemic has not only started to effect the modern youth, but also elders and children alike. The main reasons social media is not as good for our society as one might hope it could be are that behind social media there is time wasting, the anonymity of the internet, and also social media instigates less face to face time between people. Many times I have heard that there is nothing…show more content…
This skill that has been lost by many is needed in many aspects of life. When one applies for a job and has to go to an interview, and without social skills it is highly unlikely for anyone to leave a good impression on their interviewer, and possibly get a job in the business where they are applying to work at. Furthermore social skills are highly regarded in the dating game. When someone likes a woman or man they are scared to approach them in public, they would much rather message their crush online, because thanks to social media they have become insecure. Lastly social skills are also ideal if you want to be happy in life. Social skills are needed in order to understand other
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