Social Media Influence On Teenagers

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Social networks have a great influence on people’s life in many parts. The social networking sites connect strangers and friends together, and incorporate various communication tools, such as Facebook, Instagram and photos shared with other users. With an increasing number of social networks user, more and more teenagers own their social networking gradually and it affect the mind of teens today. Nowadays, the social Internet has become more embedded in teenagers’ life, and the social media is changer their ways of communication. Study shows that in Europe 73% of the 13-14 year olds and 82% of the 15-16 year olds has a profile on a social networking service (Livingstone, Haddon, Görzig& Olafsson, 2011), which means many teenagers
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This research will collect the information of six middle school students, including three boys and three girls. It focused on why they are interested in social media. On the other hand, this research discusses different parts that social networks influence teenagers, including communicative approaches, security issues, and education. Teenagers have great interests in social media. For the purpose of this study, social networks were defined as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Facebook is the most used social network by teenagers, followed by YouTube and Twitter. According to the report, 95 percent of teens (12-17) use the Internet, and 81 percent of them use social media sites. Facebook is by far the most heavily adopted social site, with 94 percent of social media teens reporting they have a profile there(O 'keeffe & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). The more Facebook friends in their networks, the more active teens tend to be. In general, teens appear to have a favorable view of social media and report more positive experiences than negative experience. Report shows that “52 percent of online teens say they have had an experience online that made them feel good about themselves. Online social networks attract teens because they can have a conversation in a victual world and they can share their life
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